Volume 1 Episodes 33 & 34: Ragnarok and Roll: Tales of Cassie Zukav, Weirdness Magnet

By 2013, I’d cut back to a monthly schedule, since I was unable to maintain the twice-a-month schedule I’d intended on (and managed the first year or so). However, August 2013 saw the release of Ragnarok and Roll: Tales of Cassie Zukav, Weirdness Magnet, which collected the extant Key West-based urban fantasy tales, and also had several more new ones as well. In these two episodes, both released the month of the collection’s release, I read two of the original ones, both of which feature figures from Norse mythology.

Episode 33: “Love Over and Over,” which chronicles the love affair between Loki and Sigyn.

Episode 34: “God of Blunder,” in which Thor comes to Key West, and creates quite the impression…


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Music: “Last of Your Line” by Boogie Knights (Episode 33) and “Have Another Drink On Me” by Steve Rosenhaus (Episode 34).


Volume 1 Episode 32: the Marvel novels

From 1994 to 2000, Byron Preiss Multimedia Company teamed up with the Boulevard imprint of what was then Putnam Berkley, and they published more than 50 books (mostly novels, plus a batch of short story anthologies) featuring Marvel Comics superheroes. I was the editor in charge of that line — which included fiction by such luminaries as Diane Duane, Peter David, Tom DeFalco, Kurt Busiek, Ann Nocenti, Adam-Troy Castro, Dean Wesley Smith, David Michelinie, Jason Henderson, and tons and tons more — and in this July 2013 DKR, I look back on the project that remains one of my proudest professional accomplishments to date.


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Music: “No Trousers” by Boogie Knights.

Volume 1 Episode 30: Tales from Dragon Precinct Part 3

With the publication of Tales from Dragon Precinct coming in just a month, in April 2013 I read what I think is the strongest of the Precinct short stories, an Iaian and Grovis story called “Catch and Release” (which also introduced the character of Aleta lothLathna, who rapidly vaulted into an important supporting character in Gryphon Precinct).


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Music: “Sailin’ with Captain Morgan” by Boogie Knights.

Volume 1 Episode 25: Couch Potato Salad

By early October 2012, The Chronic Rift hadn’t done a new In Review episode in quite some time. I do the “Couch Potato Salad” TV review segment for those episodes, and I’d had all these shows I wanted to talk about, and nowhere to talk about them–

–except maybe my podcast! In this episode, I reviewed then-new shows Elementary, Revolution, Vegas, and Last Resort, as well as looks at returning shows The Big Bang Theory, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, Person of Interest, 2 Broke Girls, and Castle.

(Interesting to note that, four years later, only one of the new shows, Elementary, is still on the air, while three of the five returning shows — BBT, SVU, and 2BG — are still going strong.)


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Music: “Cherry Red” by the Don’t Quit Your Day Job Players.

Volume 1 Episode 24: Tales from Dragon Precinct Part 1

In 2013, I released a collection of short stories set in the universe of Dragon Precinct. Entitled Tales from Dragon Precinct, I spent the months leading up to its release doing readings of stories from the collection, which was half reprints, half new stuff. I kicked off in mid-September 2012 with “Brotherly Love,” a story that focused on Danthres Tresyllione, takes place entirely in the interrogation room, and is only dialogue between Danthres and a witness. It’s one of my favorites.


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Music: “She Belongs to Me” by the Don’t Quit Your Day Job Players.