Volume 1 Episode 15: Viral

In March 2012, FoxRain AB put out four linked eBook thriller novellas. Conceived by Steven Savile, these thrillers took as their starting point the notion that the CIA embeds people in groups of medical personnel giving inoculations in Third World countries, and then “screw up” the injections, getting blood on the needles that are then tested for DNA. All this is a method of seeking out terrorists, but it has brutal unintended consequences. I led off the series with a journalist who uncovers this named Joe Lombardo, and the attempts that are made to stop him, in the novella -30-, which I read from in this episode.

(We also did a Chronic Rift Spotlight episode the same month wherein me, Steven, and fellow contributors Jason Fischer, Jordan Ellinger, and Alex Black discussed the series.)


Direct link.

Music: “Classical Lady” by the Don’t Quit Your Day Job Players.

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